Diamonds of Distinction is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of bringing together women from all walks of life to create a strong sisterhood that empowers, motivates, and uplifts while making a powerful impact on today's world through community involvement, mentoring, adolescent scholarships, and social activities.

We are dedicated to developing ourselves as women by supporting & empowering one another; our youth by offering scholarships & programs to develop  life skills; and our communities by volunteering as a group to other nonprofit organizations.


Our vision is to inspire hope and positive change within our communities. 


To foster a strong sisterhood that empowers and enriches the lives of women through social activities and community service by providing support to chosen charitable organizations as well as providing mentorship programs and scholarship to teenage girls to help them become better women of tomorrow. 

What is a Diamond?

A diamond is a woman that stands out in a crowd because of her :

Dynamic spirit, independent personality, and assertive attitude.  She has a mentoring soul and always keeps an open mind. She’s nurturing to those around her; delightful to be around and no matter what, she always sparkles!

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